Pipeline of Novel Drugs

We have developed a rich pipeline of 21+ novel drugs which are next generation, substrate-specific p38α kinase immunomodulators, and 5 novel, next generation, substrate-specific ERK 1/2 immunomodulators to provide safe, selective, and effective therapies for rare and inflammatory diseases.

Our NextGen drugs are immunomodulatory and target specific inflammatory substrates while avoiding anti-inflammatory substrates in contrast to the first generation compounds, which were immunosuppressive, non-specific, and failed for safety or efficacy reasons.

While we are elevating our Lead Compound (Gen-1124) to the next level, we are simultaneously making progress on Indications 2 and 3. 

If rare and inflammatory diseases are your areas of interest, do reach out to us to explore synergies via partnership.

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We are based in Palo Alto, CA, and have a laboratory in Mountain View, CA.

We look forward to joining forces with you to cure rare and inflammatory diseases, fast!

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