Our mission

To accelerate novel therapies for patients with devastating diseases with no treatments.
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The Genies behind GEn1E

Our team has strong domain expertise in developing novel, 1st-in-class drugs as well as platforms
Ritu Lal, PhD, MS
CEO & Co-Founder
Ritu has a track record of 3 FDA approvals in US and in Japan.
Dr. Jeffrey Hasday
Inventor of the p38 technology
Prof. Paul Shapiro
Inventor of the p38 technology
Soujanya Bhumkar, MS
AI/ML Platform
Maya Das, MD
Clinical Development
Nate Larson, PhD
Drug Product
Andrew Sonderfan, PhD, DABT
Wendy Luo, MS
Beth Stannard, MS, CCRP, CCRC
Clinical Operations
Indraneel Roy, MS
AI/ML Platform
Lassi Lehtovaara, MS
AI/ML Platform
Isra Karampurwala

Strategic Advisors

Dr. François Nader
Dr. Nader currently serves as chairman of the board of directors of BenevolentAI, Neurvati Neurosciences and Talaris Therapeutics and as board director of Moderna and Ring Therapeutics.
Dr. Alan Levy
Board member at Intuitive Surgical, Tasso Inc., Holoclara Inc., Bardy, Dx and GEn1E. Previously, CEO at Incline Therapeutics, CEO and President at Northstar Neuroscience; CEO and President at Heartstream; and President at Heart Technology.
Noor Kamruddin
Partner at CLEAR Ventures and Board member of Cartesian Kinetics and GEn1E. Also, Board Observer at Tignis, AICrete, Opsera, and Acante.

Scientific & Tech Advisors

Dr. Nevan Krogan
Dr. Krogan’s lab at UCSF focuses on developing and applying quantitative, systematic proteomic and genetic approaches to study complex biological and biomedical problems.
Dr. Anil Jegga
Dr. Anil’s work is focused on developing and applying methods to integrate the heterogeneous omics and biomedical big data to build better predictive models of disease, drug discovery and repurposing, and drug response.
Dr. David Young
Founder and CEO of Processa Pharma
Founder of GloboMax and CSO Questcor Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Andrew Mulberg
Ex Deputy Director FDA, GI Division
Portfolio Leader (J&J)
Dr. Mehdi Bouhaddou
Postdoctoral Scholar, Cellular Molecular
Pharmacology School of Medicine, UCSF
Dr. Kevin Grimes
Director, SPARK program, Stanford
Professor, Department of Chemical and Systems Biology
Dr. Mridul Mehta, PhD
15-year leader solving problems using data science and algorithms, including AI/ML
Jacqueline Fabius
Chief Operating Officer for the Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) at UCSF
Mike Cassidy
Mike Cassidy was recently the CEO of Apollo Fusion, Inc.  and a Vice President at Google.
Jared Friedman
Jared is Managing Director, Software and Group Partner at YC. He was cofounder of Scribd, which was funded by Y Combinator and grew to be one of the top 100 sites on the web. Jared previously worked at a pioneering AI company and studied computer science at Harvard.

ARDS Specialists

Dr. Carolyn Calfee
Professor in Residence of Medicine and Anesthesia at UCSF
Dr. Michael Matthay
Critical Care, Allergy and Sleep Medicine
Expert at ARDS Clinical Studies
Dr. Robert Fishman
Stanford trained, Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician
Dr. Ijlal Babar
Board Certified Pulmonologist
Medical Director, Pulmonary and Critical Care
Dr. Danny McCauley
Queens University, Belfast
Also joining our journey


Our investors include Clear Ventures, Khosla Ventures, SV Latam, Stanford-StartX, Y Combinator, Vituity (a network of 3500+ Physicians in 400 hospitals)/Inflect Health along with amazing angels like Dr. Francois Nader, Thomas Ebeling, George Bickerstaff and others.
Office: Palo Alto, California, USA
Lab: Mountain View, California, USA

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We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, CA, and have a lab in Mountain View, CA
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