We are a Clinical-Stage, Phase 2 Company

Accelerating 1st-in-class precision therapies for inflammatory & rare diseases with unprecedented efficiency.

We accelerated from Early Discovery to Phase 2 in
2.5 years with seed capital

Our lead programs

We have 3 key programs in different phases across two different targets. All of these use novel 1st-in-class therapies developed by GEn1E using the relevant modality to treat the disease effectively.
p38α:MK2 Dual Signal Modulators
Chronic Oral
p38α:MK2 Dual Signal Modulators
Chronic Oral
NextGen ERK 1/2 Modulators

Kinase dysregulation contributes to various inflammatory diseases

p38, MK2, ERK kinase dysregulation contributes to pathogenesis of several devastating inflammatory diseases and therefore are attractive targets.

Previous attempts to address this dysregulation involved kinase inhibitors which were immunosuppressive and encountered issues including off-target effects, toxicity, lack of specificity, and the potential for severe medical complications.

The reason for these issues is because targeting these kinases with specificity and without disrupting normal cellular functions is a complex task.
Our Solution

1. Discovery of a new Binding Pocket

Traditional kinase inhibitors focus on the ATP binding pocket with covalent bonding. Our platform allows us to identify new binding pockets where we can target specific functions using allosteric binding.

2. A unique & validated MOA (presented at ATS '23)

GEn1E’s novel compounds bind to a unique binding site. Unlike previous generation compounds which are non-selective and immunosuppressive due to their inhibitor characteristics, GEn1E’s selective & dual signal modifiers use a differentiated Mechanism of Action for treating inflammation.

GRID AI platform by GEn1E, for GEn1E

GEn1E has developed a unique technology platform for treating rare and inflammatory diseases, with a particular focus on Next Generation substrate-specific p38α kinase inhibitors. The key aspects of this platform include a rich database of curated public and proprietary data, which connects the dots between genes, pathways, proteins, diseases, and our compounds. Additionally, the Machine Learning models trained using this data span the entire process chain from drug discovery to clinical trials accelerating the drug development cycle for GEn1E drugs.
1st-in-class compounds
Asset in Phase 2
Preclinical programs
Unique scalability

Unlocking a $100 Billion+ opportunity

With our mantra of Team + Tech + Target we have enabled a unique and scalable drug development model. We use this model for developing novel 1st-in-class therapies with unprecedented efficiencies. Combining this approach with strategic partnerships enables us to turbocharge and address large unmet needs of devastated patients.
Neuro Degenerative
Vascular Dementia
Lupus Nephritis
Transplant Rejection
Musculo Skeletal
Thermal Injury
Atopic Dermatitis
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