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Nate Larson

Dr. Nate Larson, Ph.D. has 15+ years of experience in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry in the areas of drug product formulation, process development, and drug delivery. He has supported both drug discovery and development in therapeutic areas ranging from inflammation, respiratory diseases, virology, oncology, endocrinology, and neurology. 

He played a key role in the discovery and development of Veklury® (remdesivir) which is approved for the treatment of COVID-19 and has been directly involved in advancing multiple compounds from the early stages of preclinical development to clinical evaluation and has supported multiple IND applications with the FDA. 

He has a doctorate in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Chemistry from the University of Utah. He has multiple drug product formulation patents and patents applications and has authored various publications, including book chapters, presentations, review articles, and primary research articles. 

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